05 June

A Public Official

“Public entity’s Failure to take the right decision leads to prejudicing others."

A public official has filed a complaint, in which he claimed that the public entity in which he was working, refused to take an administrative decision to return him to work, after he was suspended from work and referred to the competent court, which had convicted him of violating public office duties.

When the grievance was examined and investigated, and the rules of the civil service was reviewed by the concerned department in the Integrity and Anti- Corruption Commission, it was found that the powers of the public administration are clearly defined in this respect, and indicates that any of the following three alternative actions must be taken:
1. Return the public official to work.
2. Take disciplinary action against him.
3. Refer him to a disciplinary board.

However, the way in which the public entity addressed the issue, by refraining from taking any of the above actions, has severely prejudices the public official, where the entity had to determine the employee’s job location and return him to work.

After the investigation has been completed, the public entity was notified that it needs to reconsider the way in which it has dealt with the issue, and needs to rectify its decision. Based on this notification, the decision has been rectified, and the public official was immediately returned to work, with due regard to any consequent financial and functional implications.

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