Send A Grievance

When submitting a grievance appeal, the following should be taken into consideration:
  • The case of grievance appeal should not have been more than six months.
  • The issue of grievance shall not be a dispute between individuals.
  • The issue of appeal shall not be subject to administrative or judicial appeal
  • An identity card of the complainant or of his legal representativeو must be attached.
  • Signature of grievance appeal from the complainant or his legal representative.
  • The complainant must, when writing his grievance, use clear and specific statements that express the subject of the complaint in a precise manner, and avoid using offensive statements.
  • Ensure validity and accuracy of personal data.
  • In the case of a collective grievance, one of the complainants is authorized to submit and follow up on the complaint in writing by the rest of the complainants by the open name and signature.
  • Attach any additional documents indicating the subject of the grievance appeal.

Click here to download the grievance form.

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